I’m Zohra, a twenty-one year old amateur photographer with a serious case of wanderlust; when I’m not dreaming of the beautiful places that I want to fly away too, I study psychology in the more humble town of Bath, England but call London home. So, welcome to my little corner of the internet where I fill these pages with my travel diaries and adventures, and hope to inspire along the way!
Remember – some beautiful paths can’t get discovered, without getting lost.


A myriad of travel, food and fitness all in one place; I seem to be attracted to small, less discovered parts of the world which I want to shout about, like Oslo, Romania and Bahrain. As well as writing about these beautiful places, I also love 24 hour – Weekend trips away in the UK that are a stones throw away from London. In between my travels I love to cook, bake and attempt to stay fit which I love to capture and hopefully show you new recipes and lifestyle bits.