About Me

I'm Zohra, a twenty-one year old amateur photographer with a serious case of wanderlust; when I'm not dreaming of the beautiful places that I want to fly away too, I study psychology in the more humble (still stunning) town of Bath, England but call London & Bahrain home. So, welcome to my little corner of the internet where I fill these pages with my travel diaries and adventures, and hope to inspire along the way!

About The Blog

A myriad of travel, food and fitness all in one place; I love discovering new places, from classics such as Paris and Barcelona to smaller, less discovered parts of the world which I want to shout about, like Oslo, Romania and Bahrain. As well as writing about these beautiful places, I also love 24 hour & Weekend trips away in the UK and random city breaks in Europe that are a stones throw away from London. In between my travels I love exploring London, finding new eats, bars and fun things to do, so stay tuned!

“You’re already invited to kill this day, to nail it, to have the best day ever. It’s already set up for you, you just have to go do it.”


Behind The Name

You're already invited. No, I'm not talking about an invitation to a party or a Facebook event, I'm actually talking about a quote from the book 'How to be an explorer of the world' (see above).

This is seriously one of my all time favourite quotes. I used to be the type that always waited for an opportunity to come to me before I would even consider it an option. A trip overseas? My parents would suggest it. Trying a new restaurant? One of my friends would drag me to it. I think you can see where I'm going with this. But this quote reminds me that I don't need permission or a good reason to do anything, because I'm already invited to explore and do whatever I want.

And I hope it reminds other people of that as well.

Want to travel the world and visit every country? You're already invited.

Want to quit your job and become an artist living in Brooklyn? You're already invited.

Want to change the world? You're already invited.

And so was born the title of this blog. Although slightly off centre and confusing, it's a phrase I hope people leave remembering and envision when they are ready to chase their dreams, like I'm chasing mine. A bit too cliche? Oh well.