The Best View of Barcelona


Bunkers El Caramel 

Flying into Barcelona I was glued to the window, watching as the view of what seemed liked never ending ocean morphed into beautiful sandy beaches and then into rust coloured buildings, I knew I needed to see that view again. So I set out to find the best view in Barcelona...

Googling what to do before my trip (like the major planner I am) I stumbled on two places I knew I had to visit. The first was Mount Tibiabo, a mountain (obviously) thats pretty hard to miss as its massive and towers over the city. If you've been you have probably seen the church that sits on top. I had really wanted to hike up but looking at the two buses and train we'd have to take, there just wasn't enough time in my two day trip. 

So, fast forward to our second day in Barcelona, my friend and I made our way to Park Guell as most people do, only to find that there were no more tickets available for another two hours. While we were trying to decide whether to leave or miss out on other things while we waited around, I remembered the second place I had wanted to visit. Bunkers El Caramel, originally an anti-aircraft battery left from the Spanish Civil War. 

It's a real locals spot, with not many people around, with the best view of the city. You get a full 360 view that makes you feel like you're on top of the world. 

I've got a post coming up on a guide to Barcelona but couldn't help dedicating a whole post to this view, it's seriously magnificent! Read more about my Barcelona trip here


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  1. October 5, 2017 / 8:41 pm

    Great reading and very informative. Look forward to other blogs. Happy travelling ✈️

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