6 Habits People Who Have Learned to Adult Do


                              (v.) to do grown up things and hold responsibilities such as,

                              a 9-5 job, a mortgage/rent, a car payment, or anything else  

                              that makes one think of grown ups. 


First things first, I have to put out a *disclaimer* that I have in no way mastered any of these  habits!! But, since starting university I have been forced to be a bit more independent as my mum wasn't down the hall prepared to do my washing up . Three months into first year, I was finding it hard to manage my time or even cook for myself and I quickly realised that, oh crap, I actually have to attempt at adulting. So here are six habits that I've found make you feel like a proper grown up. Make sure to also check out these 19 charts that will make your life 100x easier.


1   |  Planning Meals 

There's always going to be a thousand and one things to get done but its important to have healthy meals during the week and the only way to make sure you're not binging on ice cream at midnight is to food prep and plan. Sunday's are great for grocery shopping for the week and preparing salads to take into work or uni for lunch. These mason jar salads are perfect for a quick go to meal


2   |  Money Management  

Being a student is hard. I rarely had loads of extra cash left after rent and tuition fees so I had to learn how to make the most of what I had because I loved my cocktails and brunch dates on the weekend. Making sure you track your spending is a good start by writing down all your purchases so you know where you have to cut down on. Only using cash is also a great idea - take out a weekly balance of how much you can spend, then only use that during the week rather than reaching for your card. That way you know how much you have left and stops you from overspending!

3   |  Knowing When to Stop

I've had my fair share of  nights out where I would forget my limits and convince myself that that last drink was a good idea. But it so wasn't. Drink responsibly, and remember water in between! 



4   |  Confidence, Confidence & Confidence!

Personally, I feel that people who have learned to adult have confidence in themselves, body wise and in their work/personal life. This is something I'm really working on, because I think that when people, especially girls, are confident with who they are they can do anything because they're secure enough to not care about what everyone else thinks or believes. So remember to tell yourself that you have what it takes to achieve your goals and no try your hardest not to compare yourselves to others. 


5   |  A Balancing Act


It's really important to split your time evenly between getting your job tasks done and also making time to relax and see your friends. It's never healthy to work constantly, leaving no time for just chilling or vice versa. Set up lunch dates with your friends or after work drinks and maintain those important relationships! Not forgetting that adulating means fitting in exercise a few times a week as well. 


6   |  Maintaining a Clean Environment


This means vacuuming and dusting a few times a week and keeping up with your washing up and tidying. Unlike what I do, which is to leave everything messy or dirty until the weekend and I can't take it anymore, so I'll do a massive clean and overhaul of everything. While thats therapeutic, its definitely not the most sustainable way of keeping up a clean place. Constant cleaning during the week is essential to adulating, so that you have you never have a really messy (or smelly) flat.  



  1. June 5, 2017 / 5:32 pm

    This list makes me feel so guilty because I know I should be doing all these things but instead I ignore my problems in the hopes that they’ll go away hahaha!

    • Zohra
      June 6, 2017 / 8:32 pm

      Omg I can be the exact same! One step at a time – we’ll get there one day!

  2. June 26, 2017 / 6:18 pm

    I love this post. Straight to the point and I agree with you on everything. I would often take out my card just in case of an ’emergency’ – jegabombs don’t count unfortunately! I will try the cash method you suggested! I recently started a bullet journal so I can track my funds in there 🙂

    Meg x | the-writeblog.blogspot.co.uk

  3. July 18, 2017 / 1:53 am

    I’ve been slowly making the changes to adult properly, and I have to say that there has been a huge improvement in my life. The main thing that you mentioned that I totally agree with is confidence. I feel like as you get older, you realize that you care less about what others think and more about what you think. It is so important to stay in your own lane and worry less about what others think of you. It’s so liberating when you realize that you are free to make your own decisions and that other people’s opinions don’t matter. Great tips xxx

    Melina | http://www.ivefoundwaldo.com

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