Adventures in the Desert

The Ships Of The Desert
I couldn’t not come to the middle east and not go see the camels! With my camera ready and plenty of water, I visited the Royal Camel Farm in Janabiyah – rumour has it that the hundreds of camels there aren’t actually bred for any particular reason like for the meat or milk etc. but it was just the result of the Bahraini prince’s boredom. It’s great the see camel’s up close since I haven’t seen any before – If you pay (*ahem* bribe) the worker’s a small fee then they’ll let you ride one, but I was too scared to take the plunge. 
Later, as the sun was setting I made my way over to the South of the island, known as Riffa, where there is a fort that was built in the nineteenth century. Within its beautiful architecture lives the memory of the ruling family of Bahrain, the Al Khalifa’s. It also overlooks the Riffa valley, which has been converted into a residential area.
The Kingdom of Bahrain is definitely filled with history no matter where you turn which is so unexpected in this tiny island. 


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